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Gender Pay Gap

The below narrative details the median and mean hourly gender pay gap, the bonus pay gap and the pay quartiles for employees of Britbet Racing LLP on the April 5th 2023 snapshot date and 12 month reference point.

At britbet we are confident that irrespective of how our employees identify, they are paid equally for doing the equivalent role throughout the business. We are committed to addressing any gaps and vigorously scrutinise annual salary and performance bonus reviews, ensuring our practices and policies are fair to all employees.

Mean Median
Hourly pay gap 11% -1%
Bonus pay gap 62% -9%

Hourly pay gap

Our analysis of the Company’s hourly gender pay gap shows that there is a mean 11% difference between employees that identify as males and females, and a median -1% difference between employees that identify as males and females.

In accordance with the gender pay gap guidelines, ‘casual workers’ that support our many racedays are included in our calculations. As such, we experience a year-on-year variance in our results. This is due to the numbers of casual workers engaged by us on the snapshot date of the 5th April, and its associated pay period. Both our male and female casual workers receive the same hourly rate of pay if carrying out the same role. Any variance is driven by the difference in the number of hours each casual worker did during the reporting period.

Bonus Pay Gap

The proportion of employees receiving a bonus:
Those who identify as female – 79.02%
Those who identify as male – 77.49%

The previously mentioned requirement to include individuals who work on a casual worker agreement in our calculations does have an impact on our yearly results. As per the gender pay gap guidance, any commission paid to casual workers must be included as a ‘bonus’. This explains why such a high percentage of both males and females received a ‘bonus’ in this period. Our commission payment rules were amended in this year where we introduced a minimum sales threshold before commission was paid and this is why the percentages of both male and females receiving a ‘bonus’ has dropped since our previous reporting.

The payment of bonuses to others is based on individual and business performance of the previous financial year. Eligible team members can achieve a percentage of their overall salary as a bonus if these targets are met. The mean difference can be explained by more people who identify as male rather than female holding more senior positions in the business.

Pay quartiles

The table below shows how our eligible employees are distributed across four equal pay quartiles.

Lower quartile Lower middle quartile Upper middle quartile Upper quartile
Those who identify as female 62% 55% 59% 62%
Those who identify as Male 38% 45% 41% 38%