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Gender Pay Gap

The below narrative details the median and mean hourly gender pay gap, the bonus pay gap and the pay quartiles for employees of Britbet Racing LLP on the April 5th 2021 snapshot date and 12 month reference point.

The calculations reflect the unprecedented circumstances that the global Covid-19 pandemic created including the heavy reliance on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (furlough scheme).

In April 2021, with the UK facing ongoing restrictions, horse racing taking place behind closed doors and the continuation of the Government furlough scheme, most of our permanent employees were placed on furlough (approximately 75%). The decision was also made to support, through the furlough scheme, all eligible casual workers who work on our racecourses on racedays.

At britbet we are confident that irrespective of how our employees identify, they are paid equally for doing the equivalent role throughout the business. We are committed to addressing any gaps and vigorously scrutinise annual salary and performance bonus reviews, ensuring our practices and policies are fair to all employees.

Hourly pay gap

Our analysis of the Company’s hourly gender pay gap shows that there is a mean 27.6% difference between employees that identify as males and females, and a median 10.24% difference between employees that identify as males and females.

Pay quartiles

The table below shows how our eligible employees are distributed across for equal pay quartiles.

Those who identify as Lower quartile Lower middle quartile Upper middle quartile Higher quartile
Female 61.5% 30.8% 38.5% 38.5%
Male 38.5% 69.2% 61.5% 61.5%