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Greyhound Pool Betting

We offer pool betting at selected Arena Leisure greyhound tracks in Britain including Newcastle, Nottingham, Perry Barr and Sunderland as well as the independent tracks, Owlerton Stadium in Sheffield and Great Yarmouth.


Betting with us is simple.

Choose your greyhounds and your money goes into a pool with all other bets. If you win, you share the money with any other winners in the pool.

We have a wide range of bets available from just £2. Some cover one race and other bets go across multiple races.

Or, you can ask for a Lucky Pick and our smart formula will do the hard work for you.

Whatever you need, our friendly team are always on hand to help.

Our pools are also available via other betting operators based in the UK and internationally.

And as britbet is part- owned by greyhound tracks, when you bet with us you support greyhound racing.