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World Pool Betting Rules

Overview of World Pool Betting Rules

From time to time we may offer bets relating to the ‘World Pool’. For example at Royal Ascot 2019, Totepool racecourse customers will be able to place bets into bigger than usual pools, following an agreement between Ascot, Totepool and the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

The below sets out further details on World Pool bets.

Britbet is authorised to accept World Pool bets as agent on behalf of TpoolCo Limited (“Totepool”). Totepool act as counterparty to such bets with racecourse customers. All winning bets will be settled and paid at the published World Pool dividends. Normal Totepool rules apply to these bets unless stated otherwise.


The following table provides an overview of when the ‘World Pool’ will apply and when a regular UK Totepool will be in operation.

Where World Pool applies, in some cases different rules will apply, with any difference to regular Totepool rules described below.

Pool No. of Declared Runners World Pool Regular Totepool
Win 2-24
Place 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Exacta 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Trifecta 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Place Term Differences

All World Pool place terms are the same as UK rules with the exception of the following:

  • A 7-runner race. A 7-runner race will pay out 3 places.
  • If the field size drops from 5 or 6 declared runners to 3 or 4 actual runners, then 2 places will still be paid.
  • If the field size drops from 7 or more declared runners to 4 actual runners, then 3 places will still be paid.
  • If the number of runners drops below these numbers, the pool will be void and all bets will be refunded.

Deduction Rates

Deduction rates for all races at Royal Ascot will be the same as at all UK meetings except for the following:

Bet Deduction rate (So the net pool is 82.5% of the gross pool)
Win 17.5% (So the net pool is 82.5% of the gross pool)
Place 17.5% (So the net pool is 82.5% of the gross pool)
Swinger 17.5% (So the net pool is 82.5% of the gross pool)

Dividend rounding
World Pool dividends are rounded to the nearest 5p.

Minimum dividends
World Pool minimum dividends are £1.05, except for the Place dividend which is £1.01.

These minimum dividends also apply in the event of a dead heat.


With regards to the World Pool Swinger pools, in the event of a dead-heat for third place, bets comprising of those dead-heat runners are winners.

Insufficient Starters

In respect of Win, Place, Quinella or Swinger pools, where as a result of Withdrawals either before or during a Betting period, there remains insufficient starters as set out below, the Pool will be closed and all bets will be refunded.

Pool Insufficient Starters
Win less than 2 Starters
Place (3 Dividends) less than 4 Starters (2 Dividends) less than 3 Starters
Swinger (3 Dividends) less than 7 Starters

Technical process

In the event that pool totals accepted by Totepool cannot be merged into World Pools at race off, or World Pools are not in operation, then Totepool reserves the right to declare dividends for the affected race based on these pool totals, Totepool will use UK betting rules to calculate these dividends with the exception of:

(i) deduction rates,

(ii) minimum dividends,

(iii) minimum permitted field size for pool to operate (this affects the Swinger only),

which will still follow World Pool betting rules; and

(iv) dividend rounding method, such that dividends will be rounded down to the next 5 pence, except for the Trifecta in which dividends will be rounded down to the next 10 pence, subject to minimum dividends

In such an instance where a pool cannot be merged into a World Pool, should there be any part-backed or unbacked winning outcome, the balance of the gross pool which has not been won will be donated to the Injured Jockeys Fund (Registered Charity No. 1107395).

Customers will be notified of this eventuality where possible.


For the full set of Hong Kong Jockey Club betting rules, please visit:

Note that under Hong Kong Jockey Club rules, the Swinger pool is known as the ‘Quinella Place’, and the Trifecta pool is known as the ‘Tierce’.

This Appendix is an extract of the Totepool Rules. These rules for Totepool betting revoke all previous issues and are effective from 31st May 2019. Totepool reserves the right to alter any of the rules and conditions listed from time to time by republishing them in the usual manner and without prior notice.

Please bet responsibly – for advice visit